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Andrew Reynolds #1 – The Skateboarder

So I guess the Great God Google is the place to start looking for other Andrew Reynolds, and what a cool and good looking guy it found first. This Andrew Reynolds is a skater for EmericaSkate, and he’s pretty good to be fair, in fact he’s a professional skater, which must be a tricky thing to earn a crust doing.

Mr Reynolds Number 1

If you have a look at their site they’ve got some crazy videos of Andrew doing all sorts of stunts that would have your or I ending up in hospital with a broken arm or 5! Anyway, I digress. Andrew #1 is from Florida, which for some reason seems to breed Skaterboards. It seems however that Andrew started skating when he was nine years old, which means he’s about to enter his 3rd decade as a skateboarder. You have to admire his dedication to the cause. I wonder how many times he broke something in the last 20 years?

Actually he’s been a pro for that last 12 years and has won various competitions. You can certainly say something about us Reynolds’, we’re tenacious go getters. However it seems that Andrew #1 is taking a back seat these days and leaving the competitions to bright young things with something still to prove.

Oddly, for a skater nut, Andrew #2 likes to collect diamonds and jewellery. Which is sort of normally a girl thing, though of course I wouldn’t say that to his face. Isn’t the internet wonderful for anonymity. 😉 He does of course like playing guitar, like any teen rebel should. Of course he’s 29 now, perhaps someone should point that out. 😉

Andrew moved to Huntingdon beach in California in 1997. Florida, California, I don’t know, this guy obviously likes to go where the groupies will be from the good looking tanned variety. Of course that was in his youth, and the once Andrew “not an archaeologist” Reynolds, is now sober. It must be all the alcoholics anonymous groups in California. Actually, now Mr Reynolds has homes in Lakeland Florida, and in Los Angeles. This guy really knows how to live it up. It would appear that I’m in the wrong job, I wonder if I could learn to be a skater like my namesake and get a house in Florida and Los Angeles??

Lastly, Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand is furthering the Reynolds gene pool, he has a wife (Christianna) and daughter (Stella). Which as you’d know if you came from England, is the name a of beer, and an expensive one at that. I’m not sure I’d name my daughter after a beer, but hey, I’m not American so what do I know? Sadly it seems, no Andrew Reynolds Junior to further the name too. 😦

Good luck Andrew Reynolds #1, we wish you well, and God’s speed to a happy and productive life.



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