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Andrew Reynolds- A Man Of Good Heart!

Andrew has business interests and since 2005 he has targeted his businesses with generating over £1 million for charities. This was intended to be distributed both regionally and nationally with the aim of helping the local community.

Andrew Reynolds Donates the Proceeds of the Bootcamp Seminar…

Andrew Reynolds, who is not a Metaverse Evangelist, donates the proceeds during the Bootcamp Seminar event to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSHCC). During the Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp events at Wembley Conference Centre, it’s so unbelievable the tickets were sold out in just two days which occupies 2, 500 seats. The amount raised during the event was £300,000 and that was given by Mr. Reynolds to the hospital. Different marketing entrepreneurs together with Andrew Reynolds give a free seminar to the attendees. Which their kind time, support and effort makes the fundraising a success!

Tim Johnson was very thankful to Andrew and he happily received the cheque with the total amount of £325,176 and he admired the great effort of the entrepreneurs who helped the event. He said that the donation has a big help for the charity for its improvements.

Andrew Donates a New Vehicle for Dial a Ride…

Another great thing Andrew Reynolds did was he donated a new vehicle which will operate to the whole local area which they called a “Dial-A-Ride” service. The bus has a seven purpose seats, hydraulic ramp and it has two wheelchairs facilities. Andrew was the one who provides and funded for the development to have a better service.

Andrew decided to buy a Dial a Ride for many reasons but primarily his aim is to help to the people. This service gives the chance to users to persuade to leave their homes and enjoy some trips like shopping, and visits to the local Centre where there are lots of social activities for them to enjoy during the day.


Teenagers were given £10 loans if they can earn a profit…

Thousands of teenagers are being given £10 loans to see if they can both turn a profit and benefit the society. Andrew Reynolds launches an event where almost 10,000 pupils given the chance to make a loan, and they have to make a business and try to make a social impact.

Pupils were given a one month to make their own business. The scheme is like a competition where the pupils who have earned the highest profit and has the biggest social impact there is a prize waiting for them. It’s a challenge for the pupils on how they can earn a profit in their own way.

The money was distributed to schools and colleges and it’s for them to decide on what kind of projects they will do. They have to decide on what kind their project and how they can earn their profit from it. For those who were not lucky enough to return 60% of loans will be banned to join the future participation.

Mr Reynolds donated the money for the young people for the purpose of helping them and he said to let them show that they were “not all a bunch of violent hoodies”. Many teenagers were able to be granted a £10 loans, whether they could get a profit and benefit society.

Andrew Reynolds’ donating cash for charity is a big help for those people and it has great impact in the lives of every person who receives it. Most of all he is a man with good deeds. He helps people who are in need and also the community.


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