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Meet Andrew Reynolds At Media Gurus

Media Gurus is a management consultants and executive trainers in the field of Strategic Communication. Media Gurus offers quality services through their intensive workshops and consultancy services.

The workshop programs they offer are the following:

1.) Public Advocacy and Strategic Communications- this workshop will help you as a team leader to develop your public advocacy strategy for an issue you are working or will work on the future.

2.) Speech writing and Presentation Communications- this will help you to make persuasive presentations during meetings, dealing with a consultative group or in a national convention

3.) Writing with Clarity- This will help you to develop your efficiency in writing.

4.) Media Awareness and Skills Development

5.) The Parliamentary Committee Program

Their consultancy services are the following:

  1. Developing and implementing communications strategies

  2. Speechwriting

  3. Crisis management

  4. Media management

  5. Preparing for Parliamentary committee appearances

  6. Developing and implementing community consultation programs.

Andrew Reynolds is the Planning and Strategic and Crisis and Issues Management specialist. Andrew has great working experience in Government and Corporate public affairs that covers the public affairs discipline.

Reynolds has done lots of strategic planning and that includes planning for Department of Defense and also has successfully finished planning for clients such as Esso/Mobil, Diamaru, and Centrelink. Andrew manage his own public affairs company based in Canberra.


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    Comment by Andrew Reynolds — August 11, 2008 @ 11:40 pm

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