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Phys-Cap- Great Help For Children In Need

Phys-Cap is an organization that was founded in 1972. Phys-Cap is a charitable institution that provides assistance to children who have disorders or disabilities. This organization donates specialized and therapeutic equipments needed.

The main purpose of this charity is to help people especially children who are suffering from certain illnesses and those who needs an immediate help. Especially those children who are suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Cats Eye Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrome and Muscular Dystrophy and many other illnesses of children.

This organization have volunteers who gave their time and effort to reach out for children to make sure that every penny they raise goes directly to the children. Without the kind donations of the people who answered for the call of helping the children this organization won’t be able to achieve it’s goal of helping the children who are in need. They were able to raise funds and helped the children in need.

One of their greatest achievements was to fund the special design of a ‘Twinkle Eye’ switch which allowed a young girl, who was paralyzed except for the movement of her eyelids. Through the effort of Phys-Cap, the girl was able to open her eyes.

Each children who received an assistance were very glad that their needs were answered. The smile of each child, serves as a motivation for the said charity to continue in giving an assistance. According to Andrew Reynolds who is the Vice Chairman of the said charity, they were glad to know that a lot of children were given an aid. Phys-Cap will continue to answer the needs of children who are in need.

You too, can help make Phys-Cap continue it’s goal of helping the children. By giving your kind donations or pledges to Phys-Cap is already a big help. The prayers of each child who are in need were answered.


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