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Andrew Reynolds- Great Mechanical Engineer

Andrew Reynolds is Mechanical Engineer at Bell Helicopter Textron. Andrew is a licensed engineer and he has an intensive experience in aerospace composites, telecom and computer systems. His is specialized in aerospace, composites, R&D, research and development, telecome, VoIP, networks, mobile technology, wireless and la lot more.

Andrew was previously employed at Telecommunications Engineer at Locke Liddell & Sapp. He worked from 2003- 2005. For two years of tenure in the said company, he is responsible for the Administered Avaya PBX, voicemail, videoconferencing, and call center with high uptime. Troubleshooted Voice over IP, VoIP, on enterprise network. He is also the sole owner of the Travis Computing (Sole Proprietorship). While he is studying he operated a computer consulting company.

Andrew’s educational background were the following:

1997- 2002- Rice University

-He finished BSME, Mechanical Engineering

-He is active in Designe, Fabrication

-Joined in an off-road vehicle for the SAE Mini Baja competition.

2007- 2010 (expected)- Texas Christian University – M.J. Neeley School of Business

-MBA, Business, Supply Chain Management, 2007 — 2010 (expected)

-He also studied abroad like in India and also visited different companies.

Well, great job for Andrew Reynolds! 🙂


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